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Third concept, an international journal of ideas is one of the leading journals of India known for publishing articles of highest standards. Third concept was launched in 1987 with an aim of providing platform where common problems facing human kind could be discussed, debated, resolved through meaningful exchange of ideas and alternatives. The Editor encourages articles which may be descriptive, analytical or theoretical based on the common issues of the third world.

The Journal welcomes articles from academics, journalists, scholars etc. around the world.

All articles will be subject to anonymous review, and will be evaluated on the basis of their creativity, quality, and understanding.

The Editor accepts responsibility for the selection of materials to be published, however individual authors are responsible for the facts, figures, and views in their articles.

The Editor reserves the right to edit the articles for reasons of space and clarity.

Guidelines for Authors

Third Concept accepts Research Articles from authors. Author/s who intent to publish in Third Conceptmust follow the following instructions:

1. The Research Article must not be in more than 2500 words. Therefore must be an Abstract in Italics (indented) in the beginning after the title and authors name in not more than 100 words.

2. All articles must be submitted before 10th of every month for the Next Month Issue of the Third Concept. However, the right to select and publish in a particular month shall reside with the Editorial Board as per availability of space and relevance of the issue.

3. The Articles must be in English, Times New Roman (Font Type); 12 (Font Size); with 1.5 spacing. The Sub-titles must be in Bold font. Author must also follow the indenting rules and other publication ethics.

4. The Type of English used must be of Indian English or British English and there should be uniformity throughout the Text.

5. The acknowledgement of the sources accessed must be mentioned as End Notes. (End Notesmust follow7thEdition of APA Style Publication Manuel(2020).

6. The Article must not be less than 2300 words and must not exceed 2500 words in total.

7. The Article must not contain any Table or Graphical representation of quantitative data. The same may be presented in textual format.

8. The Article must be written originally by the author and information sourced must be duly acknowledged in the End Notes. All Articles are subjected to Plagiarism test before it is processed for Peer Review. Plagiarism detected must be within prescribed publication norms and ethics, otherwise the same shall stand rejected.

9. Author/s must submit an undertaking that the Article has been originally written by him/her/them; mentioning that the same has not been submitted anywhere else for publication or is under consideration for publication.

10. However, after publication in Third Concept author may re-publish with changes in other Journal provided it is acknowledged that the Article was first published in (specific issue) of Third Concept.

11. Authors shall be responsible for authenticity of Facts, Figures and other data borrowed from other sources which must be duly acknowledged.

12. The Soft Copy of the Article requires to be submitted on

Publication Fee:

Third Concept does not charge any fee from Authors at any stage of processing for review and for final publication of their articles.


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Third Concept permits the use and reproduction of its articles and database for academic purposes in national interests.

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