Title of Article Author's Name Page No.
Electoral Bonds B.K 5
China Factor in India-Africa Trade Relations: Horn of Africa Prof. Pranav Kumar & Dharmendra Kumar 7
Red Sea Crisis: Seychelles Growing Strategic Significance for India Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta, Dr. Aparna & Dr. Amit Kumar Singh 11
India’s G-20 and SCO Presidency: Resurgent India-Central Asia Relations Dr. Deepti Singh & Dr. Akshay Kumar Singh 14
Internationalization of Higher Education Dr. Sukanta Kumar Pradhan & Dr. Tage Yama 18
Portrayals of Non Violence Culture: A Global Review Dr. Kavita Singh & Dr. Rouble Rani Sharma 21
Right to Information Act, 2005: Awareness among Teachers Dr. Parminder Walia 25
Assisted Reproductive Technology Law in India- …………. Chhanda Bhowmik & Dr. Anindita Choudhury 28
Financial Performance of Selected Nidhi Companies Mrs.V. Muthamilselvi, Dr.M. Vanaja & Dr.S. Mohan 31
Empowering Education through Open and Distance Learning Dr. Deepak Paliwal & Dr.Saroj Paliwal 33
Implications of LMS in Changing Education Scenario Ms. Viditi Rastogi & Dr. Jyoti Puri 35
Collaborative Efforts between Schools and Homes: ………. Dr. Ngaopunii Trichao Thomas, Dr. Veda Yumnam & Dr.Sudhir Maske 38
Analysis of Social Services Expenditures in Tamil Nadu with Special …… G. Senthil & Dr. A. Thomas David 42
Analysis of Tourist Arrivals in Tamil Nadu: Pre and Post Corona Pandemic B. Siby & Dr.N. Prasanna 42
Secondary School Students in Traditional Crafts: ………….. Prof. Asit Kumar Mantry & Sanjay Kumar 46
Investor Decision-Making in India's Emerging Pipe Investment Ruchika Choudhary, Dr. Vikas Garg & Prof. C. S. Sharma 49
Evaluative Perspective on the Constitutional Legitimacy of Media Trials Kritika Goswami Ahuja & Prof. Dr. K. B Asthana 54
Shift Work and Irregular Schedules: Study on Stress among TNSTC ……. Dr. B. Varadarajan & M. Viji 57
Role of Metacognition, Self-Efficacy and Resourcefulness ……….. Swarup Chandi & Dr. Puja Sarkar 59
ICT Enabled Agriculture in Developing Countries:…………. Samanta Biswabhusan Dhir & Dr. Gyanaranjan Mishra 63
The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Financial…………. Vijayalakshmi Mallikarjun & Dr. Waghamare Shivaji 68
Problems of SC Students with Special Reference ………. Minakshi Das & Prof. Minati Choudhury 71
Heutagogical Perceptual Understanding among Teachers …….. Ms. Dilima Siga & Prof. Prasanta Kumar Acharya 74
Research Trends in the Indian Hotel Industry from 1979 to 2023 Dr. Gunjan Malik & Ms. Purvi Saini 78
Effect of SAQ Training and Concurrent Training on Selected……… Hussainsab. K.P & Dr. A. Mahaboobjan 82
Significance and Sustenance of Traditional Medicines and Practices: …….. Dr. Kuntala Dowarah 85
Bartletts Analysis to Assess the Problems in Marketing of Agricultural Products B. Dhiviavalli & Dr. S. Mohan 89
Academic Anxiety among Higher Secondary School Students Dr. Rajinder Singh & Ritupriya Neog 91
Effect of Continuous Running Training on Selected Physical……….. M. Senthilkumar & Dr. A. Palanisamy 95
A study on Gendered Viewing Patterns and programme preference……… Babu Shajan Kevin & Dr. I. Senthila Devi 99
Effect of Plyometric and SAQ Training on Selected Skill Related……… Soraisham Sunilkumar Singh & Dr. D. Prasanna Balaji 103
Scheduled Caste Politics In Assam : An Empirical Study Anamika Kalita 107
Role of Reader or Sahrdaya in Western and Indic Sanskrit Literary Traditions Dr. Vishal Joshi 112
Isolated and Combined Effect of Fartlek and Weight Training On Selected Physiological Variables among Football Players Robinson & Dr. A. Mahaboobjan 115
A Study on Customers Attitude and Behavioral Intensions …….. Dr. Ramesha V 118
Mapping Health Equity: Geospatial Analysis of Public Health …….. Soumyashri B Pujar & Dr. Manjunatha. N.K 122
Corporate Governance Failure: An Overview of the New Emerging ……… Dr. Sudipta Adhikary & Uttiya Basu 127
Leadership styles and Impact on the sales Person Performances: ……… Paramjit Singh Bindra & Dr. Kishore Morya 130
Future Social Work: Oppotunities and Challenges Dr. Ramesh M. Sonkamble 133