Publication and Peer Review Policy

Third Concept

Third Concept is ‘An International Journal of Ideas’.It is a multi-disciplinary monthly journal and is also a Peer Reviewed/Refereed Research Journal. The issues covered are topical or near topical, but of an abiding interest and contemporary relevance. It is one of the leading journals of India with international outreach and known for publishing benchmark articles with in-depth analysis.

Aims and Scope:

Third Concept was launched in 1987 with an objective to provide platform where issues pertaining to national and international social issues, economic policies, cultural interactions, and political complexities and developments, and developmental issues are addressed and discussed in context with its implications on mankind in national, regional and international theatres. Since its inception the journal has been growing maturely in content and outreach. It also intent to provide platform to discuss, debate, and seek solutions to immediate and long impending issues. It helps towards exchange of ideas and alternative policy interventions. It encourages research articles which are descriptive and analytical with relevant theoretical underpinnings.


Third Concept welcomes articles from Academics, Journalists, Scholars, Opinion-makers, Policy-analysts, Bureaucrats, and other relevant professionals with strong flavour for research and analysis.


The Editor bear the responsibility for selection and rejection of the research article to be published; whereas authors are responsible for the facts, figures, and views in their article. The Editor also reserves the right to edit the articles for reasons of space, clarity and norms of the research journal.

Peer Review Policy of Third Concept

Third Concept follows a rigorous method of soliciting review about the publishable merit of the Articles. Articles submitted are subjected to “Blind Peer Review” and are also referred to related experts on particular subjects. Articles are evaluated on the basis of the ideas, innovation, creativity, quality, understanding, analyses, language and the rigours of research. Only original articles are accepted.

Third Concept carries out the plagiarism check of each article before it is sent for peer review. Articles which fail to meet the established plagiarism norms stands rejected and are not processed further.Editorial Team is entrusted with the task of ensuring transparency in the entire process of peer reviewing.

The reviewers are expected to maintain the internationally established Code of Conduct while accepting the task assigned by Third Concept.

The decision of the Editorial Board on the choice of peer reviewers is final. However, if any suggestion about improving the content of the article is reported by the reviewer the Editor may share the same with the author.

Publication Ethics:

Third Concept does not accept and encourage multiple submission, submission of redundant articles, re-publishing of published articles.

Our Editorial Team ensures high level of ethical standards while selecting articles for publishing.

Authors are blacklisted for all future publications in case they are detected of practicing fraudulence, massive plagiarism, re-submission of published articles, and of any other violation of publication ethics.

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